Greeting Card - Opportunist

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Beware. Opportunist thief operates in this area!

Meet Anna’s boy Darley, the Romanian rescue. With her heart set on a short haired, black and white, medium sized mongrel, he is a daily surprise. This large, long-legged, blonde, crazy mix of what looks like Lurcher crossed with Border Collie loves all the new food opportunities in his new life. An aloof, easily spooked street dog, he carries his head high. One suspects he must have some blue blood ancestry running through his veins. His Lurcher leanings and extra long legs mean he is a dab hand at lifting and snaffling that which is not his. The Fagin of the dog world!

Each card arrives cello wrapped with a white envelope. The card size is 14.5cm x 14.5xm. All Little Dog greeting cards are printed in the UK.