Pooch's Steak and Kidney Bones

Pooch's Steak and Kidney Bones

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Pooch's Hand Made Dog Treats

Low in fat, high in taste. No preservatives, flavourings or colourings. High fresh local meat content. Produced in the UK

A very popular biscuit with all our regulars! Contains 40% total meat content per 100gms, which is very hard to beat!
Full of Selenium, Phosphorous and Zinc which helps build muscle.

Beef Skirt (30%) Pigs Kidney (5%) Semolina, Oats, Bran, Rapeseed oil.

Typical Analysis:
Crude Protein 14.1 % – Crude Oil 9.07 % – Crude Fibre 1.0 % – Crude Ash 1.4 %.

Bag Size: 250g