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Pooch's Hand-baked Treats. Delicious!

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Pooch's Treats has been a labour of love since they started in 2009. They take immense pride in handcrafting each treat using locally sourced, premium ingredients to ensure the highest quality. We love their products and their ethics. 

They are a carbon neutral business.

Roast Beef Bones - very low fat meaty treat - Contains 30% total meat content, which is very hard to beat! Beef Heart contains Selenium, phosphorus and zinc, all of which help build muscle and increased collagen which is essential for healthy joints. 250gms.

Composition: beef skirt and ox liver 30%, oats, bran, flour, rapeseed oil

Spare Rib Biscuits - handy meaty treat which can be easily snapped into smaller pieces. Being a hand piped product the size and weight can vary; You receive eight sticks, approx 175 - 185 gms.

Composition: pigs liver and heart 30%, oats, bran, flour, rapeseed oil. Total meat content 30%

Steak and Kidney Bones - contain 40% total meat content per 100gms, full of selenium, phosphorous and zinc which helps build muscle. 250gms.

Composition: beef skirt 30%, pigs kidney 5%, flour, oats, bran, rapeseed oil.

Puppy and Senior Chewie - 100% beef. The thin, low-fat stickshave a length of ca. 17 cm and are not too hard – the perfect size for petite pups and even senior dogs which find it hard to gnaw on the harder dog treats. Of course, our Puppy Sticks are free of any artificial additives and preservatives to give our four-legged friend the most natural chewing experience. 100g

Pork Scratchings - 100% pork skin, slowly baked. 100gms.

Liver and Bacon Bones - very popular meaty treat with our doggy clients. Liver is full of protein and vitamin A. 250gms

Composition: ox liver 30%, bacon 5%, oats, bran, flour, rapeseed oil.

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